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Welcome!  If you’re looking to partner with a knowledgeable and resourceful local investment team, you’ve come to the right place!

We’re part of the largest network of real estate investors (and investor associations) in Texas.

We invest with in residential and commercial real estate in Texas. We are a turn-key partners on deals. We fund deals we partner on. We buy and sell wholesale real estate – commercial and residential. He have a vast power team of resources.

If you would like to BUY properties from us, LEND money to us, or be a CONTRACTOR for us – please enter your information below to get added to our resources list.

If you would like to partner on a deal and/or sell us a wholesale property, please call the number listed above!

Recently Closed Projects

We take pride in our many projects and we're pleased to show our work!

Our typical strategies include: Cash Deals, Owner Financing, Wrap Around Mortgages, Short Sales, Equity Partnering, Lease Options, & Traditional Listings

789 Ash Ave. - SOLD!
Cash Deal
Cash Acquired
Contract Closed
8.75% Return
456 Buttercup Trail - SOLD!
Lending Secured
Contractors Acquired
18% Return
123 Mandarin Lane - SOLD!
Lending Secured
Contract Closed
13.5% Return

A Word From Our Partners...

Partner with us and fuel your retirement account!

We value what really matters: Relationships. We are wholeheartedly focused on partnering with the right team of individuals.  We offer truly unique investment solutions because each and every partner has their own goals, and together, we can achieve them.

Rated an average of 4.8 out of 5 stars by 4 reviewers.
"Incredible Returns!"
August 25, 2019
"I was truly struggling to buy and flip locally. My profits were nil. I'm happy to report that you've turned my business around! Working with your team has expanded my network and increased my success rate exponentially! Can't wait for our next deal!!!"
"Wow, thank you!"
October 10, 2019
"I would recommend their services to anyone looking for funding. These guys are honest, friendly, and professional! I have a feeling we have more deals in the pipeline..."
"Great Work"
August 16, 2019
"Thanks guys, keep up the good work!"
September 21, 2019
"Working with professionals such as yourselves has been refreshing, not to mention profitable!"


How much money will I make lending?

We love helping investors receive above market returns while reducing their risks. Typical lending rates are 8-10%, and secured by real real estate! We welcome the opportunity to talk in more detail with you. If you might want to be a lender to our network, please go ahead and fill out the LENDER form on this page!

What is the advantage to being an Investor (Buyer) on your buyer's list?

We are part of a huge network of investors that buy and sell wholesale real estate in Texas. Being on the buyer's list, gets you access to off-marketing wholesale real estate!

What is the advantage to being a Contractor on your resource list?

We are part of a huge network of investors that utilize and refer contracts across the state of Texas. If you are a good contractor, their is a unlimited amount of projects you can do for our network.